How to stop your team delivering

I’ve found myself talking a lot about focus at the moment. As one of the five scrum values I use it a lot when coaching teams and to a certain degree focus is a really easy value to get started with. It’s easy for teams to lose focus and frequently leaders in organisations are culpable […]

Open plan, its a trap!

What ever happen to caves and common? Way back in a time before iPhones  my team at Logica transitioned to Extreme Programming. One of the ideas that we implemented at the time was the idea of separating the work space into zones. One zone for collaboration and pair programming and another for solo private work, […]

Building without nails

I really love this short documentary about traditional Japanese carpentry and without getting all mystical and Zen I believe there are some great lessons for us all. Specifically I’m going to pick on people working in the software industry. A poignant moment in the documentary is when we see the craftsmen sharpening their tools and the narrator […]

Bystander effect

On Monday March 22, 1998, Larry Froistad posted a message in a chat room used as a support group for people battling alcoholism. In his message, he confessed to purposely getting drunk and setting his house on fire thus killing his daughter. More than 200 people were online to see the message. Many were outraged […]