“Balance is the key to every team. it is impossible to win a football game with 11 goalkeepers or a group of people with identical talents” – Sir Alex Ferguson

Looking at the skills in your team does it look balanced?

In order to work optimally a team should contain all of the skills needed to build the product it is charged with. This means that a team may contain specialists such as a DBA (aka a goal keeper). It may contain the world class superstar developer who can solve the most complex challenges anywhere in the code base (the Ronaldo). There will potentially be solid back end developers (aka the defence) and in good teams theres always the James Milner type character who can play anywhere.

What happens if the team needs help or skils external to the team?

When external skills are required the team must wait for those skills to become available which is a waste in the lean sense and causes delays. Its good to get everyone in the team collaborating together.

What happens happens if there is no work for my front end develop this sprint?

There is always work to do! They could:

  • pay down technical debt
  • help test
  • pair up with a back end developer
  • learn new skills so they’re more useful next time

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